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Advisory Board

JOIMR's Advisory Board is responsible for maintaining a high standard of peer-review on all papers forwarded to PubMed Central. They also assist in resolving disputes which might arise from time to time...

Trevor G Marshall, PhD

Trevor's first teaching post was at the University of Technology in Lae, Papua New Guinea, during 1974. He taught at Curtin University, in Western Australia, during the rest of the 70's. Following up on his Masters degree in 1978, he commenced PhD studies at the University of Western Australia, home to Barry Marshall (no relation) (of Helicobacter Pylori fame).

Clinical studies were with Tim Welborn and Ted Keogh at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia and Mike Albisser's group at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

In 1982 he moved to the USA, and now lives in California. His PhD thesis "Mathematical Modelling of the Insulin Glucose Homeostasis in Diabetic and Healthy Individuals" was accepted in 1985. For most of the succeeding decades he was CEO of YARC Systems, a high-tech Internet Publishing startup.

Trevor operated one of the very first computer bulletin board systems (in the early 80's) and has watched the BBS grow into ARPAnet and, eventually, the Internet. Actually, 'watching' is not really a good word, as Trevor has been 'leading' at the bleeding edge. During 1999/2000 he wrote a monthly Editorial Column on Linux, and it is a similar open model of Collaboration that Trevor is bringing to Medical Publishing.

Over the last few years Trevor has been defining the biochemical roles of the steroid hormones Angiotensin II and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin-D in immune disease. In 2002 he published a complete etiological description for Sarcoid Inflammation, and his current interest is in understanding how this same hormonal/bacterial pathogenesis might drive other Rheumatic and Cardiac diseases.

Trevor's Published papers

Dr Marshall

Evelin G Lindner, MD, Dr. med, Dr. psychol.

After graduating in 1978 as a psychologist from the University of Hamburg, Evelin studied medicine in both Germany and New Zealand until 1984. During the early 1980s she studied (including field work) in Thailand, Malaysia and Texas (with the Navajo, Pueblo and Havasupai-Indians) becoming acquainted with different Indian medical and psychological philosophies.

Evelin graduated in 1984 as a physician. From 1992-1995 she completed a medical doctorate in the field of cross-cultural quality of life research at the Department of Medical Psychology of the University Hospital of Hamburg. In 1994 she was awarded the German Doctoral degree in medicine.

In 1996 Evelin began her current research on the notion of humiliation at the Department of Psychology at the Oslo University in Norway. She carried out a research project with the title the "Role of Humiliation between the Warring Parties (and in Relation to Third Intervening Parties) in Somalia and Burundi/Rwanda" from 1997-2001. In 2001 she was awarded the Norwegian Doctoral degree in psychology.

Evelin is currently working on a book entitled "The Minefield of Humiliation and How to Defuse It. A New Basis for Understanding Conflict and Violence in the World and Our Lives." She teaches both in Norway, at the Departments of Psychology in Oslo and Trondheim, and in New York at the International Center for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution (ICCCR) at Columbia University. She is furthermore affiliated to a research group in social psychology at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris.

Evelin's pages at University of Oslo and at Columbia University

Evelin G Lindner

Geoff Dougherty, PhD

Geoff is Professor of Physics at California State University, Channel Islands.

He is actively pursuing research in medical imaging and image analysis, including the assessment of texture in clinical images of trabecular bone and the quantitation of tortuosity in blood vessels. Previously, while at Keele University (England), the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Monash University (Australia), he developed a number of physico-chemical techniques to characterize the binding of drugs to DNA.

Prior to joining CSUCI, Geoff served ten years as Professor of Medical Imaging, and several years as Chairman of the Radiologic Sciences Department, at Kuwait University. Geoff has held the Chair of Physics and Physical Sciences at Oxford Brookes University (England), and has also held faculty positions at the Open University, the Science University of Malaysia, and the University of the South Pacific

Geoff's biography at CSUCI

Geoff Dougherty

Frances E (Liz) Marshall, GradDipPharm, RPh

Liz Marshall graduated Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Adelaide in 1969. After tenures at hospitals in South Australia and Western Australia she gained her Graduate Diploma of Pharmacy in 1980. Since moving to the USA in 1982 Liz has practised as a Pharmacist at the Motion Picture and TV Hospital, Westlake Hospital, and the Los Robles Regional Medical Center.

She published her first paper "Quantitative prediction of concentration changes due to permeation of solutes through Polyetheylene containers during autoclaving" (PubMed ID:5451537) in 1970 (under her maiden name), and has subsequently published papers on "Microcomputer Capabilities for Pharmacy Inventory Control" and, most recently, on Autoimmune Disease.

Liz Marshall


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